Belle’s Place- Our Aims

  • To provide a safe and friendly environment for all, run by suitably qualified volunteers who are on hand to offer support and guidance.
  • To support, challenge and enable learning in order for individuals to realise their full potential in shaping their own lives.
  • To promote the social and economic inclusion across Ilfracombe so everyone can contribute to, influence and be valued as part of their community and society as a whole.
  • To ensure through support, guidance, and relevant/accurate information the best possible outcomes for our community.
  • To become a hub of excellence for Young People and the wider community, through a programme of integration and partnership work.
  • To promote a positive culture of health, safety and well being.

At Belle’s Place we believe EVERY person has the right to:

Being Safe

Being Healthy

Enjoying & Achieving

Making a Positive Contribution

Achieving Economic Well-Being

Our work is a process that:

  • HelpsĀ  people to learn about themselves, others, and society, through a programme of activities that combine challenge, learning and achievement.
  • It’s a development process that starts in places and times when people are ready to engage, learn and make use of it.
  • Offers people safeĀ places to explore their identity, experience decision making, increase their confidence, develop interpersonal skills and think through the consequences of their actions.